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The biggest sock ever!

Portugal, Lisbon. We partnered with Souvenirs that dont suck to create this stunt to raise brand awareness as well as increase website traffic and product sales.

Our Mission

Our job was to create an idea that would speak to masses. We did not want to produce just another nice and sweet video product, neither rather stereotyped cool video of a breakdancer, surfer or an inline skater, everybody does that. So we had to bring an idea that would stand out. After we came with the idea of a giant sock, the company really liked it and caught onto it more than we anticipated. After writing the script, our job was also to scout for talent, locations, props, film the stunt and add realistic visual effects as well as bring up marketing strategies.
The video went viral, thousands of views appeared daily, website traffic trippled.

More projects for the client


Nitra, Slovakia. We partnered with one of the best hockey clubs  in the country to orchestrate this road closure in one of the busiest streets in town!

Our Mission

Our job was to partner on making a video for hockey fans. The busiest intersection in town was closed for the most exciting match in history of the town. We filmed from the air as well as from the ground. The video gained thousands of views and is displayed just before every match the club. 

Miraculous tree?

Chios, Greece. We partnered with Apocatherapy to explore this mysterious island and reveal the secrets of the Mastic culture to the world. Did you know the Mastic gum was equally precious as the gold? We made product videos as well as a short documentary about this wonder of nature.

Our Mission

Our job was to fly out to Greece and film on one of their picturesque islands - Chios. We filmed the journey of the healing product of Mastic tree from the harvest through production to delivery. We spent 5 days on the island, filming, interviewing, flying, editing nearly 400 video clips, including voiceover and sales videos. The videos dramatically increased the brand awareness and increased the sales for 30%.


Our work for corporate sector

More examples of our work can be found on our socials below.


Our pricing starts from 200,-EUR per project

Music videos

From 400,- EUR  per project
Costs for the set/props/extras not included.


Conferences, Exhibitions, Events, Company videos  from 1000,- EUR per project.


Wedding video

From 500,- EUR see below for more details...

Start-up /new product placement videos

From 200,- EUR per project (daily rate) Price includes the camera, one light, one wifi microphone (interviews), drone, simple edit. More editing intensive projects additional 100,-EUR per day.


Transform your love into a film!

Many thanks for our wedding video. Professional attitude, quality job done and great people to hang out with! One can tell their job is their hobby. THANK YOU!

We can´t express enough our gratitude. Very much recommended! The results were better than we could have imagined. Their approach to the work is great, they are funny and very skilled as well. 

Great cooperation, great communication before, during and after our big day. The film is beatiful, we watch it like every other day, i must admit. 

Tranform your love into a film!

It will last forever!

Why us?

We can give you 3 BIG reasons right away :)



Our goal has always been to give you more than covered in the contract. We simply love to go the extra mile because this job is our hobby, too.  In your video, you will see many cinematic shots, angles, visual effects and a good qiality sound.



We can gurantee you we will find a solution to any requests you might come up with, it is your BIG day in the end! We love to transform your ideas into a film with passion. We offer you a high standard and the sense for fair game in every aspect of our communication.



Our welcoming prices do not reflect anything else except for the economic situation in Portugal.  We aim higher with the video quality instead of the price :) People to people.  Packages 



1500 €

Old school

The price includes: 
2 cameramen

1. Meetup in person (writing a script + signing a contract)
2. Wedding film up to 6 min.
3. Long wedding day video documentary of approx. 60min.: containing: (wedding ceremony, speeches, first dance, and all other important parts). The documentary comes with no music. It is an authentic, chronological documentary of your wedding day as it really happened.
4. Fast delivery within 40 days on a USB key in a wooden ornamental box. 


1000   €


The price includes:
1 cameraman

1. Meetup in person (writing a script + signing a contract)
2. Wedding film up to 15 min.
3. "Best moments" 1min. long video for your social networks
4. Fast delivery within 40 days on a USB key in a wooden ornamental box.

The booking fee is 200,- EUR, paid at our meeting along with signing the contract.

The rest will be paid at the end of the wedding day.

You can reach us here!

More examples of our work can be found on our socials below. svadobny kamerman

The team

Are you a bride? You are wanted! We are mainly looking for brides that want to spend their day like on a film set. You, the star of the day will have the main role. We will help you look gorgeous in every shot. Our job is our hobby, too and a good review pushes us forward.

If you want to know more about us, drop us your mail below and we will get in touch with you. 

Our Contacts


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Nitra, Slovakia     +421949837494

E-mail: "at" sign
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Working Hours:

Mo-Sun 9:00-18:00

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